Paintings Available For Sale

Experience art through these expressive original artworks which will bring color and vibration to your life. An individual story and meaning are covered within every painting.

 Potentially my work will find a place in your home. Creating beautiful work for wonderful people is the main reason I do what I do.

Peace at Tranquil Elephant Rock, Esperance, WA

 $700 – Watercolour (70 x 35cm the artwork; 94 x 60cm Framed)

Waving the Flag at the Wave Rock

 $600 – Watercolour (57 x 40cm the artwork, 79 x 61cm Framed)

Music by the fire pit

 $750 – Watercolour (55 x 40cm the artwork; 74 x 59cm Framed)

Spectators watching the burning pile

 $700 – Watercolour (55 x 40cm the artwork, 84 x 68cm Framed)

Fremantle Harbour Life

 $700 Watercolour (59 x 42cm the artwork, 85x65cm Framed)

Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley, WA

 $500 – Watercolour (52 x 38cm the artwork, 70.5 x 57.5cm Framed)

Happy day at the Berry Farm, WA

 $600 – Watercolour (49 x 34cm the artwork; 70.5 x 56cm Framed)

Splendid fair wren, Margaret River, WA

 $400– Watercolour (49 x 34cm the artwork; 53 x 45cm Framed)

Coming Home

$700 – Oil painting on board (46 x 35.5cm) Unframed

Purple blossom Jacarandas

$550 Watercolour (40 x 50cm the artwork; 58 x 69.5cm Framed)

Lily of the valley

 $400 – Watercolour (29 x 34cm the artwork; 46 x 51cm Framed)

Darling Buds of May

$600-Watercolour (36 x 51cm the artwork; 60 x 77cm Framed)

Gum Forest - Pemberton, WA

$850 – Watercolour(57 x 73cm the artwork; 75 x 91cm Framed)