Artist Statement

Simona Milea

Realist Artist based in Western Australia

Fine art has been my passion since I was young. I studied painting, sculpture and architecture as teenager and I graduated with major in sculpture. My current works are a bridge between my three-dimensional view of space as a sculptor and the love for architecture, colour and atmosphere.

I enjoy painting in watercolour which is my favourite medium. I am a realist painter and I think that realism is still relevant in today’s word. I paint what I see in my own interpretation. I ride my own ride. My paintings are about my story, my people …the love. I think painting is very personal, not something to do.

I have been commissioned for portraits online and for friends. I like to paint people’s faces and always search for the best way to interpret the subject, the atmosphere and the story.

I like to paint exotic flowers and the unique Australian native flowers which have made a great impression on me. As an European, I was never able to admire native flowers in the wild and now, I like to share them with the world.

Another aspect of my work includes architectural buildings. I like to draw architectural details and the way the colours play between shadow and light on the architectural subject. There is a beauty within the everyday and the ordinary that only painting can reveal. I am drawn to each subject in the hope of making and sharing those discoveries.

My inspiration and ideas change continually. I use my past experiences and classical studies and preview the trends of the future. When someone can read the story in my paintings or feel the emotion of people I painted, I think I have succeeded in my work.

I am an award-winning watercolour artist and I exhibit my art in juried shows with the WA Watercolour Society and online galleries.