Artist Statement

“If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself.” 

-Rolls May

Fine art has been my passion since I was young. I studied painting, sculpture and architecture as teenager and I graduated with major in sculpture. My current works are a bridge between my three-dimensional view of space as a sculptor and the love for architecture, colour and atmosphere.

I enjoy painting in watercolour which is my favourite medium. I am a realist painter and I think that realism is still relevant in today’s word. I paint what I see in my own interpretation. I ride my own ride. My paintings are about my story, my people …the love. I think painting is very personal, not something to do.

I have been commissioned for portraits online and for friends. I like to paint people’s faces and always search for the best way to interpret the subject, the atmosphere and the story.

I like to paint exotic flowers and the unique Australian native flowers which have made a great impression on me.

As an European, I was never able to admire native flowers in the wild and now, I like to share them with the world.

Another aspect of my work includes architectural buildings. I like to draw architectural details and the way the colours play between shadow and light on the architectural subject. There is a beauty within the everyday and the ordinary that only painting can reveal. I am drawn to each subject in the hope of making and sharing those discoveries.

My inspiration and ideas change continually. I use my past experiences and classical studies and preview the trends of the future. When someone can read the story in my paintings or feel the emotion of people I painted, I think I have succeeded in my work.

I am an award-winning watercolour artist and I exhibit my art in juried shows with the WA Watercolour Society and online galleries.

Simona Milea

About The Artist

Simona Milea was born in Romania and she studied painting, sculpture and technical drawing at the School of Fine Arts in Constanta, Romania. During this time Simona exhibited paintings and sculptures in local galleries.

Simona studied and completed an engineering degree at the Institute of Construction Bucharest, and worked as a surveyor for nine years.

When the walls of communism fell, Simona travelled to the United States where while studying for Master and Doctoral degrees, she also illustrated children’s books. She returned to post-communist Romania where she discovered orphanages full of neglected children infected with needle-acquired  HIV/AIDS. She became the co-founder and director of a charity which planned to move the children into group homes for a better life. In 1998 one of the charity’s sponsors from Australia became her husband. To years later she came to Australia, where she continued another cottage care project through Kingsway College.

In Australia she did a Postgraduate Diploma of Science and Information Services at Edith Cowan University. This eventually led to her work with the WA Parliamentary Library. After a hiatus of 25 years, Simona says that the beauty and colonial character of the early Parliament House façade combined with the contemporary architectural design of the eastern façade and encouragement from her colleagues started her painting again.

Simona was commissioned different artwork and portraits and also drew several portraits as departure gifts to inspirational staff who served in the Parliament for over twenty years. In 2016 Simona was the first artist in Western Australia to have an open exhibition at the Parliament House. “Life inside Parliament House” Exhibition included a number of her artworks, generously gifted by Simona, which hang permanently in Parliament House and others artwork kindly on loan for that exhibition from former Members of Parliament or staff.

In 2019 she won the prestigious Julie Michael Overall Winner Award and other awards in the following years. In the meantime, Simona continue to paint portraits, landscapes and illustrations at home while ten of her watercolours hang in the walls of the Parliament.

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